25 // the 52 project : 2 // 52

crowns for her + peppa pig - she loved them even if her face says otherwise!


24 // the 52 project : 1 // 52

1 // 52 : first tutu! she is growing up so fast.

a portrait of my little one, every week, for a year.


23 // books we love : maps

i recently bought this book for a friends son as a christmas gift + i love it so much i just had to share it here with you. the book is called maps + inside are 52 beautifully illustrated + detailed maps from the world. the lovely attention to detail is what makes this book so special. on each map it shows places of interest, iconic personalities, native animals + plants, local events, cultural people and much more. 
such a great gift for a child of any age.


22 // thoughts : new years eve + resolutions

at the end of every year, like most, i think about resolutions for the new year ahead. i am so looking forward to next year. i have a very good feeling about 2014. 
2013 has been a hard, tiring, challenging year, but it has certainly made us stronger! this year we are having a nice "gathering" with some friends at their house, with some nice food + booze!
i am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2013!

anyway… my new years resolutions : 

1 // watch less rubbish on tv : we have been talking recently about the amount of 'junk' we (mainly me) watch every night. missing out on interesting documentaries, factual programmes where we could actually learn something. it seems kind of silly wasting every night sitting in front of the tv like a zombie!

2 // watch at least one black + white / classic film a fortnight : i have never seen a black + white / classic movie! there you go i said it! so at least once a fortnight i am going to sit down + watch one. starting with breakfast at tiffany's

3 // improve my knitting : i have just started learning to knit. so far i am half way through a scarf for my man. however by this time next year i hope to be able to knit a hat…?
or maybe something fun like a toy…?

4 // cut down on social media : i have pretty much taken myself off of facebook because i was just not seeing many positive reasons to be on there. i still enjoy instagram + in the new year i plan to take a picture a day.

5 // print photographs : one thing that makes me a little sad, is that i no longer have printed photos in albums, or on the walls for that fact! so i am going to make a photo gallery on my hallway wall in our new home when we move in january. i am also going to start making photo books for my favourites.
no more photos hiding on the laptop!

6 // juicing + healthy eating : i recently bought a juicer, which in the new year i plan to make good use of + make myself breakfast juices. i also cannot wait to start cooking from my new gwyneth paltrow cookbook, i bought it about 6 months ago but have not had the chance to use it due to lack of space + time in our current kitchen.

7 // use natural products : i have already started the transition to natural skin care + cleaning products, but by the end of 2014 i hope to be completely natural (or as close as i can be!) 
my favourite cleaning products are method.

8 // be a better friend : i constantly beat myself up for not keeping in touch with my friends as much as i should. i know everyone is busy with their everyday life, but i definitely am going to make more of an effort to see / message friends. i also would like to make some new friends. i am a strong believer in surrounding yourself with positive people who will lift + inspire you + make you a better you. meeting new people means new experiences + ideas!

obviously, as well as the things listed above my main resolution is to be the best mum + partner to my man that i can be. everyday.


20 // kid stuff : maileg bunnies

these gorgeous bunnies are a great alternative to plastic barbie dolls. how cute!? 
there is a large choice of bunnies available. female or male, dark or light + four different sizes. 
once you have your bunny, it's then time to create a wardrobe of clothing + accessories for it to wear! as if that wasn't enough, you can then create a little home for your bunny with miniature furniture
i'm sure these bunnies will be a huge hit with any little girl + can be found at sisters guild!


19 // interiors : courtney adamo's house

courtney adamo from the brilliant babycchino kids has a house to die for. (in my opinion)
her + her husband michael bought the house a few years ago + spent a year renovating + making it a family home. a lot of rooms they stripped right back + started from scratch. courtney kept a photo diary of the renovation progress on a house like this, i have taken so much inspiration from her house + plan to use a few ideas when we move home soon. simple things such as baskets for storing kids toys is such a wonderful idea of trying to keep it all tidy as well as stylish. images taken from design mom